NWA1123AC: HD vs PRO?

I'm trying to decide between the NWA1123AC HD vs the NWA1123AC PRO. They seem to be very similar products. The PRO is $28USD cheaper. Some differences:

HD: AC1600, MTBF 1,306.790, heavier (heat shield?), more 5GHz frequencies

PRO: AC1750, MTBF: 1,005,235, higher gain

Does anyone have any experience with both/either of these products? Any opinions? I wonder how long each model has been produced?




  • Zyxel_PandaZyxel_Panda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 88  mod

    Hi @Homelab,

    NWA1123AC HD and NWA1123AC PRO are 3x3 802.11ac dual radio access points which are supported two modes: standalone and our license free Nebula cloud management.

    NWA1123AC-HD supports FCC DFS(Dynamic Frequency Selection) band

    So if your client support FCC DFS and would like to leverage these channels, you can consider to purchase the NWA1123AC-HD, about NWA1123AC PRO is slim. Actually both have great coverage and performance, so depending on your requirement, application and deployment.

    Could you tell us more about your application scenario?

    For example, the application of a company , home or school?, or any extension signal with WDS(Wireless Distribution System), etc.?

    Both have been produced for 2 to 3 years.


  • RTH10RTH10 Member Posts: 24  Freshman Member


    What about NWA5123AC-HD as compared to either NWA1123AC-HD or NWA1123AC PRO?

    Both NWA1123AC-HD and NWA5123AC-HD are so-called wave2 APs which the NWA1123AC PRO is not.

    What are the main features of wave 2 class of AP ?

    many thanks

  • HomelabHomelab Member Posts: 13

    Thanks for the quick response!

    I am in a 2-story 2500 sq ft home; wood framing with drywall. I plan to have 2 Access Points to cover the house. DFS sounds interesting - seems to provide more 5G channels and possibly less interference rom neighbors?

    The HD data sheet says "Protect against 3G/4G cellular network interference with Zyxel advanced cellular mitigation design "

    Does the PRO have that feature as well?

  • Zyxel_PandaZyxel_Panda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 88  mod
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    Hi @RTH10

    NWA5123-AC HD supports NebulaFlex Pro which includes triple mode functionality (standalone mode , managed by hardware controller with management mode and Nebula with cloud mode).

    NWA1123-AC HD supports NebulaFlex which includes hybrid mode functionality (standalone mode and our license free Nebula cloud management).

    The main feature of wave 2 class of AP is that it supports MU-MIMO(Multi-User MIMO) to allow the AP transmitting to multiple clients at the same time.

    However, as you know the NWA1123AC PRO is a wave 1 class AP with SU-MIMO(Single-User MIMO) , most of the current clients use SU-MIMO, actually the wave 2 MU-MIMO for enhancing the download transmission without upload till the next generation 802.11ax technology.

  • Zyxel_PandaZyxel_Panda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 88  mod

    Hi @Homelab

    Yes, DFS provides more 5G channels can be selected, but before using DFS channels, you need to confirm if there is any military or weather radar around the environment.

    NWA1123-AC PRO doesn't support "Protect against 3G/4G cellular network interference with Zyxel advanced cellular mitigation design ", but it has dual-optimized antenna, because the different mounting plan needs different antenna pattern giving you the option to select the optimum radio pattern for installation. 

    This allows greater coverage to reach clients in the desired area along with reducing the risk of creating interference regardless of mounting (wall or ceiling).

    So NWA1123AC HD or NWA1123-AC PRO should be able to meet your requirement.

  • HomelabHomelab Member Posts: 13

    Your response was very helpful.

    Is it OK to mount the NWA1123AC HD on the wall or ceiling?

    I see that the NWA1123AC PRO has a physical antenna orientation switch which affects the radiation pattern; is there any similar setting for the NWA1123AC HD?


  • Zyxel_PandaZyxel_Panda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 88  mod

    Hi @Homelab

    NWA1123AC HD can be installed by wall or ceiling mount method.

    • Ceiling mount is suitable for open area like living room and so on.
    • Wall mount is suitable for narrow spaces such as corridors.

    It is okay to use wall or ceiling mount depending on the general home application, you just need to make sure your AP is located on the line-of-sight (LoS) view places and it's better when there is no obstacles between it and your clients.

    NWA1123AC HD supports 3G/4G interference immunity capability, but doesn't support to switch antenna pattern.

  • RTH10RTH10 Member Posts: 24  Freshman Member

    Hi @Homelab,

    From personal experience, I would rather opt for NWA1123AC HD over NWA1123AC PRO.

    The main reason is the superior build quality and the internal antennas noise protection/isolation. Not to mention the 3G/4G interference immunity capability!

    The other reason is the support of multi user MIMO standard but as Zyxel_Panda has explained the Wave2 requires the clients be compatible with the 802.11ax technology.

    Also NWA1123AC can be powered either with a 12V 2A PSU or through PPoE;

    NWA1123AC PRO features only PPoE (no PSU option)

    Also from experience the 5GHz signal power (dBm) will be stronger with NWA1123AC HD.

    However if you wanted to use several APs to create a mesh network please consider that mesh network is not yet supported by the HD model.

  • HomelabHomelab Member Posts: 13

    @RTH10 & @Zyxel_Panda,

    I really appreciate your information and recommendations. I am leaning towards the HD.


    Hmmm one last question -- not sure how easy to answer: I live around 1.7 miles from a small airport. Is it likely that the airport radar will interfere with the DFS?

  • RTH10RTH10 Member Posts: 24  Freshman Member

    the best way is to test it empirically; you may need to set up your AP to use the doppler channels and check for a beacon miss event in the logs or check for netconf disconnect event or alternatively chech on the AP timeline; i personally use NCC to manage my AP

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