ZON installation issue on Windows 10

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If you ran into a WinPcap version issue during ZON installation on Windows 10 with a popping message as below,

Please check if any other (version of) Pcap-related software(s) installed in your system and uninstall it (them), then go to http://www.win10pcap.org/ download and install the latest version of Win10Pcap.

Then run the ZON installation again, now it should complete without any error.




  • Hi Lucious,

    No wonder that when I install the ZON utility on a computer with Wireshark installed, it is hard to install it. I will try again according to the method you provided next time when I install the ZON utility. Thank you.

  • Hi Lucious,

    I followed your instruction and installed the ZON utility successfully, it works fine in my Win10 laptop now.

    Thanks for the instruction.

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