[NEBULA] Replace a unit in case of hardware failure

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What is the procedure of replacing a unit when it fails?

I could imagine there would be a 'replace' button somewhere, that allows us to swap S/N and MAC address so we can easily replace the device.


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    @FrankIversen, Thanks for your link =) 

    When the new replacement arrives, most of the settings will re-push automatically once the device is connected to NCC. However, some specific settings remain on the old problematic device instead of being stored on NCC. Therefore, the below configs of NAP and NSW are required to config manually on the new replaced unit:

    • Switch port-related settings (e.g.: enable/disable RSTP, LLDP, PoE and etc), 
    • Port Mirror
    • Setup Static IP
    • PoE Mode
    • SSID with Tag
    • Setup Static IP

    As for NSGs, all configurations will be kept and installed to the new device automatically.

    In summary, when replacing the new replaced unit, you just need to register the device on NCC and be aware of the above manually settings for NSW and NAP. Hope this has been useful to you  B)
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    Hi James,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Do I understand correctly that there is no functionality at this time, where we can simply select the broken device, click on 'replace', fill in new MAC / SN and the entire config gets pushed to the new device?

    Is it correct only the global config is being pushed and we still need to manually reconfigure vpn tunnels etc?
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    Hi @JorisK
    For gateways, you don't need to manually re-configure, all the settings will be kept and it'll be automatically reconfigured on to the new device. :)

    Some other configurations for APs and Switch (as mentioned in the above) will have to be manually reconfigured at current stage. 

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