Can't ping via IPv6 at "Deutsche Glasfaser"

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Hi there,

sorry about my English, it's not my mother language.

I can't ping via IPv6, here are some Screenshot.

IPv6-Adress from ISP at VLAN-Port:

IPv6-Adress at GE4-Port:

Here the result from Network Tool from the ATP500:

And another result, ping via IPv6-Address and interfaces:

Here the Config-Part for the interface VLAN1 (from ISP):

When I try to use SLAAC, I don't become a IPv6 from my ISP.

Here my DHCP-Setting for the local network:

With this setting, my clients become a IPv6-Adress from the ATP500.

Can anyone help me, that I can use IPv6 at the ATP500?

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