[NEBULA] cilent vpn -split vpn or ful ltunnel?

FrankIversenFrankIversen Member Posts: 92  Ally Member
edited June 2, 2020 4:55PM in Nebula Security Gateway
Is it possible to fore the client to direct all their traffic over the vpn-tunnel? or is this by default?


  • Nebula_IreneNebula_Irene Member Posts: 140  mod
    edited September 25, 2017 11:21AM

    The current behavior is that the traffic comes from local site VPN subnet and with dst pointed remote site VPN subnet, the traffic will go through vpn-tunnel. :smiley:
    If you want to direct ALL local traffic go through vpn-tunnel, you can configure static route.

    By the way, we will have Policy Route to assign a specific Src and Dst to direct the traffic in the feature. :sunglasses:
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