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I was been configuring the switch nsw100-28 thought webserver in lan with the typical user and password admin/1234. Afterward I've registered the switch NSW100-28 in Nebula CC and now I cant sign up by LAN to the webserver of the switch.

I've tried to sign up with admin / 1234 but I'm not allowed. I used the username and password of Nebula CC as well, but I didnt pass.

In Nebula CC I cant configure the user and password so I don't know what to do.

I didn't configure the vlans so It's necessary to access this way

I don't know how to reset the swich so I can't start as factory default.

Could someone help me?

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    Once added to NCC, it will set a new password that can be seen/changed on NCC. Go to Site-wide > Configure > General setting and look for local credentials there.

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    Hi @Jclarumbe,

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    When your Switch is registered and gets online on Nebula CC, Nebula CC will push new configuration include new password from Nebula CC.

    You may go to SITE-WIDE > Configure > General setting to check or change new password of the Switch.

    Hope it helps.

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    Hi @Jclarumbe ,

    You may configure VLAN for every port on NCC by going to "SWITCH > Configure > Switch ports".

    In the port configuration page, you may configure the VLAN Type(Trunk/Access) and the PVID. In Trunk type, you may also configure Allowed VLANs.

    BTW, you may still using WebGUI of the Switch to configure VLAN, but please note that every time you configure VLAN related on NCC, the configuration on device will be overwritten by NCC.

    Hope it helps.


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