[NEBULA] NWA1123-ACv2 not reachable

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Hello, I have purchased 3 NWA1123-ACv2.
The first one was installed in standalone configuration like a charm straight out of the box 
The second one was much more tricky. It was not detected through => it brought me to 
after trying everything I went to nebula cloud management. Was again painfull to let it work (i am not an expert i confess), but finally, after setting up DHCP static adress and configure the AP it accordingly i could get WiFi, but with orange icons for Gite 1 and Gite 3 (IP 101 &103 respectively)

as you can see Gite 2 IP 102 is offline... I don't know what to do. tried to reset it  but it looks like it does nothing. When looking at the DNS info of my french internet provider Hub (Livebox), it looks like it is there, but if I call it on my webbrowser ( it won't be reached while 101 & 103 OK.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


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    Looks like your AP hasn't really gotten an IP address. Maybe you see the entry on the Livebox because it's configured as static IP but in fact the device hasn't really connect.

    You could run the ZON software (I think it's available on Zyxel website)  on your laptop that connects in the same network as the AP, the ZON will tell you what's the IP address of the detected devices and help to change it if needed. 
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  • Thanks for help!
    ZON? you mean ZAC? Well I may be unfortunate or really dumb with network issues but ZAC can't find any of the 3 AP, while i can still call "functional APs" and with my webbrowser and get internet connection when connected to their antenna (both still orange on nebula cloud) :-/
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    Hi @OlivierCM
    The ZON utility can be downloaded on Zyxel website, but not ZAC. Because your devices seem not to get the IP, it's able to not scanned by ZAC. Here's the website for downloading the ZON.

    May I know that is there a DHCP server in your environment? If yes, is it possible to make sure the APs get IP first, and then check if they can go to the Internet for connecting with NCC?
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    OK Sorry RUnglaube for misunderstanding ZON & ZAC...
    ZON installed: GIte 1 & 3 are visibles with their Static IP.
    I have a DHCP server configured through orange livebox

    Gite 2 is not detected through ZON nor nebula , i have removed the static adress of Gite 2 but still visible in the list of equipments linked to the network.

    Last, about checking if they can go to the Internet for connecting with NCC, I don't know how to check/configure the AP for that.

  • Nebula_FredaNebula_Freda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 241  mod
    Hi @OlivierCM,

    I have removed the screenshot you shared because there's information of your devices.
    For AP Gite 2 connection issue, may I know that what's the LED showed on the AP? Is this AP able to boot up successful? 

    For the configuration of the AP, you can check on AP > Configure of NCC GUI.
  • Hello,
    Gite2 blinks green/orange. i have press and hold reset button, but not visible with zon.
    it was declared on my ncc but remains offline
    Gite 1 and 3 ok today although bad ping. i removed the static IP from livebox since i could not access internet from these 2 this weekend. I have installed today a GS1900-8HP between livebox and the 3 AP
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    Hi @OlivierCM,
    Blinking green/orange means the AP is booting. Is this AP always showed in this status? If not, please share more description for the AP's LED status or PM me a video.
  • Hello,
    yes , orange/green blink. Every minute it will last about 10s in orange, then orange/green again
  • Nebula_FredaNebula_Freda Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 241  mod
    Hi @OlivierCM
    I'll PM you for this AP. Thanks.
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