USG60W "wlan_module dead"


my configuration is that:

USG60W V4.32(AAKZ.0)

NWA5121-NI (managed by the USG60W Wireless Controller) V5.00 Patch 5 _5.10(.5)

I had 3 SSID that use different VLAN. I had created two different "AP Group" to assign them different WiFi channel, one for the internal and the other for the managed AP.

Since I added the NWA5121-NI I noticed that the internal AP stop working and cannot be reactivated unless I did a reboot of the device.

Last time the problem comes up the USG has an uptime of 2 days and 8 hour. I had two or three client connected via WiFi.

This is from the log: "App watch dog recover wlan_module dead at the 1 time"

I also noticed this behavior in other installation i did:
  • USG60W(4.32) and two NWA5121-NI
  • USG40W (4.32) and no managed AP

Thanks in advance.


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