[NEBULA] Are there problems with Voice VLAN functionality with the GS1920-24HPv2 Nebula Flex switch?


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  • Nebula_JasonNebula_Jason Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 203  mod
    Hi @CSmith_STC ,

    By using PVID, it makes the packet from such VLAN will be untagged out.
    Since from your original post, you may get the DHCP IP from VLAN 1 when you configure Type Access with PVID 1 on port 1.
    As that point and your scenario(you need untagged out to gateway), I think you may follow the setting by the following:
    Port 1 with Type Trunk, PVID 1, Allowed VLAN 1.
    Port 2 with Type Trunk, PVID 2, Allowed VLAN 2.
    With the configuration above, the DHCP packet from IP phone will be untagged out from port 2.

    For DHCP Server Guard, it is the feature to prevent illegal DHCP server to assign DHCP IP to the Switch. Only the first DHCP server may offer DHCP IP for the Switch in the management VLAN.

    From the discussion above, you mentioned that you saw the MAC address of the phone was in the MAC table with VLAN 2, so I think the Voice VLAN feature is working. Getting incorrect DHCP IP is related to VLAN misconfiguration.

    Hope it helps.
  • RUnglaubeRUnglaube Member Posts: 135  Ally Member
    I think the reasons why you get DHCP from VLAN 1 is because all the switch ports are automatically configured as members of the VOICE VLAN (based on my deployments, this seems to be the case with Nebula). Being this the case, port 1 will also forward DHCP requests to the gateway configured for VLAN 1 and this will reply as the traffic has been tagged-out.

    Setting up the ports as trunk  and limited to the specific vlans by using the allowed vlan settings might solved as @Nebula_Jason said. Maybe he can correct me or confirm the above statement.
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