Drop SSL VPN on Wifi


My client is using SSL VPN on a ZyWall USG 200. On the cable there is not issue. When he is trying to connect with the wifi the VPN connects for a few seconds and then drops. I installed the latest SecuExtender and reinstalled my Wireless Card. Other clients have no issues.


  • BlabababaBlabababa Member Posts: 51  Ally Member
    "Other clients have no issues" do you mean other users don't have certain issue even when using wifi to build the SSL VPN tunnel? If so, maybe you can cross check on the wifi related parameters in the operating system.
  • Where you able to get this corrected?  Sounds similar to what we are currently experiencing.  Thanks
  • MarkMark Member, R Posts: 87  Ally Member

    Please share the content of the secuextender log file to see if we can determine an issue. (find it on the root of the c:\ drive

    Please first initiate a normal SSL VPN tunnel when its working
    And then do a FAIL SSL VPN tunnel 

  • sent you a private message with log thank you
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