Take me home, #PointsforPrize!

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Yes, as we announced before, ally members can choose prizes directly. The cloud security gateway NSG50, 8-port PoE switch GS1920-8HPv2 and 11ac wave 2 AP NWA1123-AC HD were really taken home by those members!

Don’t worry, you still have great chance to win the following prizes! What you need to do is just post or comment in the forum every week from now on (if your current points are close to 70). 

For those are new in our forum, sign up here, you still can win our prizes once you get the most points during the competition period.

Don’t wait, just do it now!  =)


  • AlfonsoAlfonso Member Posts: 143  Ally Member
    What about members who can get "ally member" status before 31st of December?

    Will they choose the prize? 
  • HI @Alfonso ,

    First of all, thank you for your interest and participation in this event. 
    According to event rule, you must be "Ally member" before 12th Oct in order to select the prize. 
    On the other hand, based on your recent activities and points you earned, there is high possibility that you could win the "freshman and member level" prize or even win the special prize since you also signed up the form.

    Zyxel Forum Admin

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