Range Port NAT

how can I make a nat for a range of ports in my NSG100?
I need to nat ports from 9000 to 9050 to one lan address, I hope i don't have to create 51 nat rules (one for each port  :o )

Thank you


  • Nebula_ChrisNebula_Chris Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 130  mod
    Hello @moveonit
    Welcome to Nebula Community!
    We currently do not support port range but don't worry I will private message you the workaround. B)
  • @Nebula_Chris - I too would love to know the workaround.

    Are port ranges for NAT something that is on the roadmap?  We have stopped deploying NSGs in locations that have on-prem VoIP phone systems because of this feature not being present.  We still use USGs, but we'd love to have everything in one console.

  • RUnglaubeRUnglaube Member Posts: 92  Ally Member
    The NAT port range has been is finally there! 
    Apparently you can use  hyphen "-" or commas.  
    Looking forward to an upgrade of the user guide tho...

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