SBG5500 VPN connected and running but now showing in vpn -status as active

I set up a new router yesterday and everything runs fine.
I am just wondering, why the vpn tunnels ( 3 ) are all active (ping runs fine,
data flows), but the status randomly shows only 1 or 2 ones as active. firmware is up to date.
Any hints ? 

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  • YeKYeK Member Posts: 3


    It seems everything runs well, but sometimes the show is incorrect, right?  I didn’t find same situation as your side, do you try to “refresh” if when it happens?

    In my settings, I always configure one IPSec VPN phase 2 rule to match one phase1 rule. Is it same as yours? Or you are use multi IPSec VPN phase 2 rules to match one phase1 rule?

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