GS1900-8HP POE Problem

I have a GS1900-8HP switch that doesn't work on PoE for some reason. I have 2 Hikvision Camera's that I used to test on the GS1900-8HP and configured them via the GS1900-8HP a few months ago. Due to moving to another house I have setup the network again.

The netwerk is pretty simple:

Modem -> Router (R7000) -> Switch (1900-8HP) which I use to connect to every room (walloutlet) and 2 Hikvision Camera's who need PoE.
- Hikvision DC-2CD-2142
- Hikvision DC-2CD-2132

The Camera's do work (tested at work today).

But at home the GS1900-8HP is doing nothing. No PoE anymore, and when I go into the GS1900-8HP and go to monitor and PoE it comes up with the message: Error: PoE was abnormal (access fail)!

I already updated the firmware: V2.40(AAHI.1) | 03/30/2018

So what could it be?


  • Zyxel_RyanZyxel_Ryan Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 66  mod
    Hi @MFB

    May I know if the symptom happened on every ports? Or only certain ports? 
    Except for the two cameras, is there any other devices using PoE? If yes, what are other devices? 
    Besides, can you screenshot your message Error: PoE was abnormal (access fail)! for us? 
    Lastly, can you PM me your tech-support? (Maintenance > Configuration)

  • MFBMFB Member Posts: 3
    edited August 17, 2018 3:02PM

    Well it happen even when I have unplugged everything. For some reason I can't get into the Configuration -> Port -> POE. It comes up every time with the "Error: PoE was abnormal (access fail)"

    There is no other POE device besides the camera's.

    Maybe one thing that I have noticed is that mine GS1900-8HP is a revision A1. Could it also be that the A1 can't work with the current firmware? I already changed it back to 2.10, but for the techsupport log i installed v2.40 again.

    Techsupport file is going to be send.
  • MFBMFB Member Posts: 3
    edited August 21, 2018 10:30AM
    @Zyxel_Ryan let's do it this way. ;)
  • Zyxel_RyanZyxel_Ryan Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 66  mod
    Hello @MFB

    As our discussion in the PM, after confirming, the problem is related to hardware. 
    Please contact your reseller for further assistance. 
    Moreover, due to tech-support includes some sensitive info, I will remove it for you from last message. 

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