Connect Telus Hub Huawei B612 to Zyxel UAG4100

I currently authenticate my wifi hotspot, by routing my Xplornet modem through my zyxel..  This allows me to limit bandwidth to users, connect additional transmitters, and authenticate every user..    I have signed up with Telus hub, that offers 500 GBs per month, with speeds 10 to 20 GBS..  They use a Huawei B612 modem..  Is it possible to run this unit through my Zyxel to service my customers?

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  • BlabababaBlabababa Member Posts: 64  Ally Member
    Not sure how the Huawei B612 LTE router works, if your authentication and bandwidth control...etc are originally done by UAG4100 locally, it should still be working.
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