[NEBULA] Site-to-Site VPN. Two NSG50 connected and tunnel established but now what?

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I have two NSG50 units for a headquarters and branch1. I've established a site-to-site vpn using Nebula. Able to ping headquarters Gateway, AP, and printers on site. Able to access web-interfaces for printers. Was not able to ping target PC at headquarters. Not able to see shared network resources under Network on branch1 PC. What step(s) am I missing in Windows to make this work? Creating security policies and generating certificates?


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    Have you disable the firewall rule on windows? Maybe that's why there is no respond.
    As I recall, you cannot find the shared folder in the network neighborhood, since their VPN tunnel doesn't allow broadcast traffic pass through the tunnel.
    You can try to access via IP directly.
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    If I disable the private network firewall I can ping each target PC, map network drives and printers by their IP address. Resolved!
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    Hello @ivers and @sputnik
    Welcome to the community!
    glad to know that the issue resolved!
    That's make this forum become better~ B)

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