USG20-VPN & AT&T Pace 5268AC

ZyxianZyxian Member Posts: 4  Freshman Member
I'm hoping someone here has had the same issue and has resolved it or got it to work without an issue.

On the Pace 5268AC I want to set up the USG20 as a Cascaded Router.  But no matter how I configure the USG on the Pace - DHCP or Static - the Pace tells me that the USG isn't configured correctly.  

How do I configure the USG so the Pace will accept it as a Cascade Router?

Thanks for any help.



  • ZyxianZyxian Member Posts: 4  Freshman Member
    Well I got the Pace to see the USG as a Cascaded Router.  It wasn't the USG that needed to be configured.  It was the Pace.
    To set my IP block just as a Supplementary Network, it used the router's IP x.x.x.126 and I could use x.x.x.113-125.  When I put that info into the Cascaded Router section I got an error.  I used x.x.x.112 and it worked.  
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