SFP+ Transceivers Compatibility

BallcoItBallcoIt Member Posts: 6  Freshman Member
What Transceivers are compatible with the XGS2210 model switches?
Is SFP+ a standard protocol and are all Transceiver Brands interchangeable?


  • Zyxel_RyanZyxel_Ryan Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 66  mod
    Hi @BallcoIt

    Only certain models of transceiver are guaranteed its compatibility, but not all Brands because there are numerous SFP in the market. It is impossible to verify all of them. 
    For details, you can refer to datasheet of XGS2210 as attachment.

  • BurchSungBurchSung Member Posts: 1  Freshman Member
    Hi...I was working with a stack of Dell PowerConnect 6248P switches. One switch had the dual SFP+ 10Gbps module installed in the back. Since the SFP ports on the front are shared with copper ports, I was hoping to install a 1G SX SFP in the SFP+ module. No dice. It would not recognize the SFP. Install the SFP into one of the front ports and it worked fine.

    printed circuit board assembly
  • CrazyTacosCrazyTacos Member Posts: 53  Ally Member

    You mean you connected a 1G SFP on a 10G port?
    Did you remember to change the port speed/duplex to 1000Mb full?
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