[NEBULA] Different DNS Servers per SSID

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Can I specify different DNS Servers per SSID? So internal for employees and external for guests? We are also using the nebula gateway and switch 



  • Nebula_DeanNebula_Dean Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 290  mod
    Hi @Remy ,

    You can assign different VLAN interface for the 2 SSID, then on the gateway you just have to setup different DNS to feed DHCP clients.

    For example ,
    Assuming you want to set Employee on VLAN10  , Guest on VLAN20 .
    Then on the gateway you should create VLAN10 and VLAN20 interface, enable the interface DHCP server , this is where you can assign different DNS servers for connected clients.


    As soon as VLAN interface is configured,  configure the SSID VLAN to the designated VLAN under AP > SSID page.

    Then should the connected clients get the DNS accordingly .

  • RemyRemy Member Posts: 3  Freshman Member
    Thanks a lot! What does this mean for the LAN1 group? There you cannot specify a VLAN.

  • Nebula_DeanNebula_Dean Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 290  mod
    Hi @Remy

    You have to click "Add" button on the interface panel to add VLAN. 

    the Port Group of LAN1 and 2 are fixed, for additional VLAN interfaces you add, you can then choose the port group it belongs. Basically it is just telling which subnet interface are accessible on which ports of the gateway. 

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