Enabled Wifi dramatically reduces bandwidth on USG60W

SeikouriSeikouri Member Posts: 3  Freshman Member
We switched from USG40W to USG60W for fully use the bandwidth provided by our network provider.
Now, devices with wired connections reach download speeds with an average of 420 Mbps, which was the goal of changing the hardware.

But here is the problem:
As soon as we enable WLAN on the USG60W, the speed of devices with wired connections drops to an average of about 160 Mbps.
Disabling WLAN, brings us back to the original speed.

After noticing the issue, we mover the USG60W form production into a test environment for further testing. Only one device is connected to the USG60W and we test against a dedicated server in-house.
Unfortunately, the results are the same. No matter if we setup a 2.4 MHz or a 5MHz WLAN or both, as soon as it is enabled, the average bandwidth drops to a not acceptable low level.

We tried to get some help through Zyxel's tech support , but this was a waste of time. 

Did anyone experienced a similar issue or has an idea about what could cause it?


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