VLAN range configuration for CLI

CrazyTacosCrazyTacos Member Posts: 53  Ally Member
I have been using the 3700 series for a while now.
I noticed that you can configure multiple port settings using "interface port-channel x-y".
I tried the same strategy with VLANs but it doesn't seem to work.
   GS3700(config)# vlan 5-20
     vlan *5-20

   % Invalid input detected at '*' marker.
I also tried using "vlan 5 20". The command was accepted. But only VLAN 5 was configured.

Is it possible to enhance the CLI?

   GS3700(config)# vlan 5-20
   GS3700(config-vlan)# fixed 1-10

   - VLAN 5 to VLAN 20 are created.
   - VLAN 5 to VLAN 20 are fixed on ports 1 to 10.



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