Scan-to-folder fails after firewall installation


I've just installed a USG20W-VPN firewall.
I have updated the network settings on all devices with the new parameters (IP, GATEWAY, DNS) but I have a problem with network scans. 

On 2 different MFPs (OKI MC853 and CANON IRADV400i) the scans-to folder function no longer work.

Network scan destinations are set with the host name of the machines as DHCP is enabled (e.g. \\ machine-name \ scans)
The problem detected by the multifunction is "unable to connect to the DNS server"
On the multifunction devices the configuration is static IP with Gateway and DNS = IP firewall address.

I tried to configure the destinations of the folders with IP address of the machines instead of the host name (ex: \\ 192.168.x.x \ scans) and the error message is "could not find the server".

I've created a Service Object to enable the port used by multifunction devices.

If I disconnect the firewall and restore the old configuration by connecting the devices directly to the router, everything works perfectly.
Thank you

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