DNS Suffix for L2TP Client connections

TAPTechTAPTech Member Posts: 75  Ally Member
Is it possible to set a DNS suffix for the L2TP DHCP pool for client connections?
Alternatively, can we set up a DHCP relay to a DHCP server behind the Nebula Gateway?

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  • TomorrowOceanTomorrowOcean Member Posts: 40  Freshman Member
    I don't think the IP gets from L2TP VPN is the same concept as DHCP server on the gateway.
    In my understanding, it will not have standard DHCP process when establishing VPN connection even it looks like VPN client gets an IP from VPN server.

    I search this on google and I get the answer is to configure it on VPN client side, not on the server side.
    Maybe someone can correct me if I got any misunderstanding. :)   
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