ZyWall310/USG310 setup a VM in a DMZ zone

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Hi there, 
we have ZyWall310 and USG310 that are set up with identical config, where one is on stand by. Right now USG310 I on a stand by but we want to make it our main gateway. We are implementing a SecureLink solution which is gonna be a virtual machine that should be in the DMZ zone. We have configured failover for the WAN1 and 2 on ports 1 and 2. On port 4 we have our main network and that's where the virtual servers are connected. Port 5 should be the DMZ zone, but since we gonna use VM(virtual machine) nothing is connected. On port 6 we have another network for segmentation and port 7 is our IMPI network. port 8 is available. I thought this would be a straight forward way to do it but my attempts so far can't even get me to be able to ping port 5 from my VM. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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    Your VM is connected to DMZ zone. 
    What is the setting on DMZ interface and the IP address and gateway IP of VM?
    It would be helpful if you can share the settings of DMZ in this post. 
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    the DMZ setting on the interface is internal and the IP is set to As for the VM the IP is .5. Which settings of the DMZ would you like me to share? I was trying to find a guide on how the DMZ should be set on the ZyXEL to confirm if what i did is the right thing. 
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    Im attaching a network diagram of what and how things are currently connected 

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    Does the IP of VM get from dhcp of DMZ? Or is the IP configured manually?
    On zywall, you can capture packets for dmz interface. On VM, ping continuously. Then check icmp request and reply packets and see which side doesn't respond.  
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