Setting up 1:1 NAT as default NAT on WAN trunk, on a ZyWall USG2000

hansjalbertssonhansjalbertsson Member Posts: 34  Freshman Member
We have a ZyWall USG2000 as main NAT router in a medium sized condminium, like 300 clients.
The default NAT style for the WAN Trunk is Source NAT, which isn't Full cone NAT and, for gaming, Full cone is what we need.
As far as I can see, what is referred to in the 3.30 FW manual as 1:1 NAT is actually Full cone.
So HOW do I write a 1:1 NAT rule that would work as default NAT for the default WANs??


  • Zyxel_CharlieZyxel_Charlie Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 978  mod
    Hello hansjalbertsson,
    As your description,
    there are 300 clients behind USG in your scenario, moreover, since Full cone Nat is 1:1NAT, one private IP is mapping with one public IP. If they are online at the same time, the ISP should provide 300 public IPs for each client. 
    Moreover, in this scenario, if you have 300 public IPs, I suggest that you should configure Many 1:1 Nat, because you can configure the range of public IPs map with the range of private IPs.

  • hansjalbertssonhansjalbertsson Member Posts: 34  Freshman Member
    Well, this is not what I was looking for.
    I am probably not terribly well versed in NAT technology.
    No matter, I shall instead describe my actual problem in a separate post. 

    Anyway, thank you for helping me!

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