pre-buy: choosing USG20 or USG40?



  • parnassusparnassus Member Posts: 13  Freshman Member
    Horia said:

    I wasn't aware there are two versions of the USG20W (with and without -VPN in the name). I will be atttentive about that...

    Hello @Horia, don't know if I come late...just to be clear: there was (is) ZyXEL USG20 and USG20W (Firmware 3.30, not updated anymore...practically EoL) and current ZyXEL USG20-VPN and USG20W-VPN that are currently developed (with 4.x Firmware and other performances)...that's to say that they have similar names - USG20 or USG20W (for model with Wireless antennas) - but thye are really different products (non -VPN models versus -VPN models).

  • HoriaHoria Member Posts: 33  Freshman Member
    @parnassus: thank you for all the details! Yes, indeed, there are two different generations of that product... it is important to know, as otherwise when you buy them online you won't observe too easy the difference!
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