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DennizOlofDennizOlof Member Posts: 20  Freshman Member
Is there any possibility for Zyxel to bring back the "Maintenance" -> "Reboot" option, under Maintenance folder. I know it was there before but was moved to the "firmware Management" page. It works but the problem is you could, by mistake, select the wrong firmware and hit reboot button. I want it back the way it was, just like you can hit the "shutdown" option and then the "shutdown" button, select shutdown and be done with it.

How about putting this option into the firewall. "Maintenance" -> "Schedule" and the reason for that would be to give the user an easy way to configure when the firewall will reboot. If it is after 30 days, 60 days, on a specific date, the last of every month etc. I know you can do it with a script but it would be better If you could do it in the GUI just like you set most other options. That could help with lots of problems, like memory leaks, bugs in the firmware etc. At least it could help keep the equipment running by rebooting it so it does not grind to a complete halt and would then require a power cycle. And if the equipment does semi-fail and you can not reach it from the WAN you know it will eventually reboot and everything will be back to normal. Very handy for remote and hard to access sites.

/Regards Dennis


  • ChrisGerChrisGer Member Posts: 198  Ally Member
    Hello Dennis,
    i can't beleve your request/post :'(
    i can reboot my USG trough the GUI.

    The reboot option is only active, when you are choseing the firmware file.

    hope, this post help you to checkup the feature.

    best regards
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    It works but the problem is you could, by mistake, select the wrong firmware and hit reboot button. 
    I think this is the key of the request.
    To have a more friendly design to prevent human error.
  • DennizOlofDennizOlof Member Posts: 20  Freshman Member
    ChristianG, I am fully aware of that function and I have used it.

    What I want is to get the "old" reboot function back, so we can have BOTH of them, this will prevent people from selecting the wrong firmware and rebooting the device. This has happened to me a few times. I suspect that the "reboot" function is what people use more than switching between firmwares.

    The reason for that is that my unit is in a remote location where I can not get to them easy, it is a long drive back and home again to fix a simple problem. That is also the reason I suggest the schedule function, it can be dong with script but that is also more work and I think they could implement that into the GUI easy. Just like you set the time, NTP server etc.

    If nothing is done, that is fine to. The device is working as it should and I have no problems, just my thoughts on improvement for the device.
    Zyxel has great hardware, not to complicated to use, somewhat slower compared to the competitors, but if you need superfast speeds, you will have to upgrade to faster equipment from zyxel.

  • ChrisGerChrisGer Member Posts: 198  Ally Member

    if I'm not mistaken, in the "old" variant (firmware), there were no 2 possible firmware versions to boot?
    I sounds like, one guy at the remote site is grandet to logon and reboot the USG ?
    if he use SSH, he can run your located script on the USG like the following command
    run /script/example.zysh

    After this, the script is runing :)

  • Zyxel_CharlieZyxel_Charlie Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 982  mod
    Hello DennizOlof,
    The request "The reboot button into the firewall. "Maintenance" -> "Schedule" and the firewall can be schedule rebooted  or on a specific date", I would like to move your request to the ideas section.
  • DennizOlofDennizOlof Member Posts: 20  Freshman Member
    Thanks for the reply. I am happy with the reply.

    I also noticed the request in that section. Again it is not like I need to reboot the firewall all the time, but it would be nice if the firewall could reboot by it self every 30 days or something like that. Just to prevent anything from freezing or going bad over time.


    You can close this topic now. Question answered.
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