Trying to bridge WIFI and LAN, seem not to have a wifi interface in the member list, yet WIFI works

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Hi all,

I seem to be missing something rather obvious:

I have a USG60W, latest Firmware. Connect via LAN there's a few clients, WIFI was set up via Easy-Mode and works as advertised.

Now, when I try to create a bridge to have both on the same subnet - i. e. the clients being able to connect to one another - as described here:

I get stuck, as there seems to be no WIFI device the Member Configuration list for me to select.

Any hint would be highly appreciated!



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    Hi again,

    turns out my last post contained the key to resolution. I deleted the new SSID I had created and renamed the default one and updated it to use the Security Profile I created and use lan1 as the outbound device.

    Issue resolved, wireless and cable-connected devices on the same subnet, no need to create a bridge manually.

    So, quick recap:

    From square one here's my steps to set up WiFi on USG60W using WPA2, having all devices on the same subnet:

    • Reset router to factory defaults
    • Create new Security Profile for WPA2
    • Update "Zyxel" default Wireless SSID to: use lan1 as outbound, use new SP to require password from clients, rename SSID to preferred wifi network name



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  • Ben434Ben434 Member Posts: 12

    Thanks Peter,

    is there a way for me to tell or should I resort to resetting the device and do the WiFi conf from scratch without Easy-Mode?



  • PeterUKPeterUK Member Posts: 611  Guru Member

    You could save the config in easy-mode then reset it see if you can do it in expert mode.

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    Hi @Ben434

    The model in this video is about USG20W and what you’re using is USG20W-VPN which belongs to different series.

    In current design, the USG20W-VPN doesn’t support WLAN bridging .

    Or you can consider the external WLAN management supported models which are able to do bridge interface on WLAN interfaces (e.g USG110, USG210 and above).

    For more information about WLAN management capacity, you can refer to the hyperlink below:

  • Ben434Ben434 Member Posts: 12

    Hi @PeterUK and @Zyxel_Jerry,

    thanks for your replies - I was travelling and wasn't able to look into this again until now.

    I have exported my old config and conducted a reset, after that I tried to manually set up the WiFi:

    The security profile I have created manually too. Due to the Forwarding mode 'Local bridge' and the Outgoing interface I have high hopes for this being bridged by default?

    Anyway, for some reason I cannot see the SSID on my other devices, rather just a 'Zyxel' named one which seems to be some sort of default? To this I can connect, without any password however (not on the same subnet as my cable connected devices).

    So I guess I need to tell the router somehow to use my brand new SSID rather than the default one?

    Thanks again,


  • Zyxel_JerryZyxel_Jerry Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 275  mod

    Hi @Ben434

    Could you private message your configuration and type command “ show default country-code” then send the result to us?

  • Ben434Ben434 Member Posts: 12

    PM sent - thx.

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