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I have a Zyxel USG20-VPN on a Windows Server 2016. Neither is actually setup correctly. I have gone through several videos which left my head spinning.

1st Issue is: What is the correct way to setup the VPN so that only domain users (5 of them) can access our resources through Windows Server 2016. I have looked through the videos and none actually address my issue, specifically.

2nd Issue: Once logged in to the VPN through a Windows Server, will the user automatically have access to, (and it be displayed on his remote computer,) a shared drive, or will he/she have to connect to the resource.

Please accept my apologies if the questions appear sophomoric.

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    Hi @baparks

    Welcome to Zyxel Community

    1. What kind of VPN tunnel are you going to use? SSL VPN ?L2TP VPN ? or IPSec VPN? And what firmware version are you currently using?

    2. What kind of software are you using to connect USG20 –VPN? SecuExtender or Windows 10 native VPN utility?

    Since you posted the same articles in the forum, I’m going to remove the other one.

  • Thank you for removing the other post. I fear the subject wasn't serious enough.

    My firmware version is V4.35(ABAQ.2) / 2019-11-24 07:30:26. I updated it a week ago.

    I want to use the Windows native VPN login.

    I don't have an SSL cert, so I'm thinking the fastest, most secure or the other two. You'd have to tell me.

    I appreciate you getting back to me, as this is kind of important for me to figure out.

    I will say that I have used the Wizard, last night about 11pm and was able to connect using the Windows VPN. But that's all I was able to do. Looking at the USG20, I could not see the actual VPN connection and wasn't able to do anything else.

  • I guess I should mention:

    The DHCP is ON on the USG20 and off on the server.

    It's a client-to-site (laptop-to-server) VPN.

    Windows 7 or 10 on the laptops.

    The VPN will be used to share folders (or a group of folders) from the server, which include the home folders from each authenticated user.


  • Thank you guys for your extraordinary help!

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