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It could be very confusing when you get 1 year license with the product purchase and it says only "30 day trial" in Nebula. It could show "+ 1 year" or "+ bundled points"


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    Hi @AndreasZyxel ,

    Welcome to Zyxel Community!!!

         I would like inform that the design for the new feature Trial license on New Nebula 2.0 is, after creating a new Organization, NCC will activate a trial license supports with PRO-pack & NSS features, so it will only displayed the remaining trial days on the license management.

         After the trial license expired, Nebula bundle license will automatically activate (consume) and displayed on the license management.

    Note: Nebula 1.0 doesn't support Trial license.

    Hope the above is clear.



  • Thank you!

    But you can't see the remaining points after the trial ends in License Management

    Which should also be added in the top banner, when you log in.

    Best regards,

    Andreas - Partner Account Manager @ Zyxel

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