Questions about stacking XGS3700 switches

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I have four XGS3700 switches. Three of them are in a stack interconnected using SFP10G-SR transceivers and OM4 fiber patch cables.

I want to add the fourth XGS3700 switch to the stack. I don’t have any SFP10G-SR transceivers available but I do have some DAC10G-1M cables available. Can I mix SFP10G-SR and DAC10G for connecting switches in the same stack? Or do all of the slot interconnections need to be the same?

Using the web interface or the CLI I can’t find a command to display any information about the ports that are being used for stacking (last two 10G) ports. It appears that once the switch is put in stacking mode information on the “stacking” ports is no longer available. How would I know if there is an issue with the transceiver or fiber cable or DAC?

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