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I have an ATP100 that I need working whitelist rules to allow apps the content filter seems to be blocking. Does the following work *.janeapp.com using as asterisk to allow all prefixes? IE can you use an asterisk to allow all prefixes to a domain IE *.microsoft.com

Could you give some examples of working whitelist rules for the content filter? Thanks.

I've had to turn off the content filter to get apps working for a client. I've looked in handbook and user manual without success.

Is the test against category filter the best way to check if a website will work?

How does the Trusted Web Sites in BPP differ from Content Filter Trusted Sites?

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    Hi @iSpeed

    I follow your settings to do the test.

    And it shows up the block message.

    I allow the *.janeapp.com. But the Web Site do not display completely. Since there is some URL blocked by Content Filter.

    Then we check the log on the device. It show up there is some URL still block by Content Filter that is not belong to “*janeapp.com”.

    Added the URL into the Trusted Web Site.

    Visit the Web Site again. It works fine.

    An asterisk could works on the setting of Content Filter, however if there are some URL on the website that is not belong to the URL you allowed for, those URL need to be added into whitelist to make the website works.

    The “Trusted Web Sites” setting in the BPP profile will take effective on in the specified profile scope.

    The “Trusted/Forbidden Web Sites” in the content filter global setting will take effective in global scope (all content filter profiles will apply the trusted/forbidden web sites)

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    Thanks Jerry, That makes sense, I'll add *.janeapp.net to the trusted sites. I didn't know to review log for troubleshooting.

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