KSN Network (Kasperksy) and ATP


we use the KSN Network from Kasperksy. It seems, that either the reputation filter or the content filter is blocking the KSN Network. We don´t know the IP´s or adresses from the KSN Network. I think Kaspersky is using different Servers.

What can we do. KSN Network should work with the ATP, cause it´s a standard software.

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  • BlabababaBlabababa Member Posts: 64  Ally Member

    You may try to turn off IP reputation function from "Configuration" -> "Security Service" -> "Reputation Filter" -> "IP Reputation" temporary and see if the KSN network can be accessed then.

  • Oh... It seems that it isn´t the Zyxel. With the function turned of the KSN Network cant be accessed. I have to look again on the KSN Settings :(


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