Which license to buy for connection SSL VPN (secuextender software) zyxel USG 100 plus ?

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Hello to all,

i have a Zyxel USG100 plus firewall with 2 free ssl vpn connections. (I connect with the windows software application "zywall secuextender")

I would need to increase the ssl vpn connections.

Which license should I buy?

Is this ZyXEL LIC-SSL-ZZ0015F ok?

Does the license last 1 year or for life?

Thank you!


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  • Zyxel_VicZyxel_Vic Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 134  mod
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    Hi @kernel24

    The USG100 plus is EOLed and the license of this model may not be purchasable now.

    Or will you consider the USG110 which can fulfill your requirement?

    Here it is the data sheet for your reference. If you need further assist on the purchasing, you can share your region to me in private message and I'll redirect you to our regional sales who can help on it.


  • I don't understand if the SSL VPN licenses for the zyxel usg 100 plus are no longer valid, or are they no longer on the market?

    if I search on google "LIC-SSL-ZZ0015F" I find many sellers who sell licenses.

    My question is this ...

    ... if I buy this license, will it not work on my usg 100 plus?

    At the moment I don't want to change firewalls.

    Thank you!

  • Zyxel_VicZyxel_Vic Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 134  mod

    Hi @kernel24

    No this license can't be applied on your USG100 plus. Here it is the supported models for this license

  • Goodmorning everyone,

    at this point I have to change the firewall.

    The USG 110 is very expensive.

    I am evaluating the Zyxel - ZyWALL VPN100.

    How is the VPN100 different from the USG 110?

    Is the VPN100 configured the same way as USG models?

    Thank you all

  • Zyxel_LukasZyxel_Lukas Zyxel Support Campus Agent Posts: 71  mod

    Hello @kernel24,

    I would like to invite you to compare the mentioned gateways using the datasheets:



    The VPN100 seems to have a slightly higher firewall throughput. But please have a look which features are the most interesting for you.

    Best regards


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