NXC2500: facing an issue for updating firmware NXC2500_5.40(AAIG.2)C0

We are using NXC2500. Current firmware version is V5.40(AAIG.0). Facing issue while updating firmware to NXC2500_5.40(AAIG.2)C0. Getting error can't update.

Also we are facing intermittant error as "AP Disconnect, idle in RUN state" Also all APs disconnecting frequently..

Please help how to resolve

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  • Zyxel_JoslynZyxel_Joslyn Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 213  mod
    edited January 14, 2020 3:53PM

    Hi @Gururaj

    I tried to upgrading NXC2500 firmware from V5.40(AAIG.0) to 5.40(AAIG.2)C0; however, I did not see the symptom as yours. Could you provide me the error message or screenshot? It will help us to realize the issue.

    About the AP disconnect, did they all connect to the same switch or other devices? If yes, could you help to confirm the physical connection status? Because it is abnormal all APs disconnected at the same time.



  • Joslyn,

    thanks for your reply..will collect the exact error screenshot & update you.

    For AP restart issue, all these APs are connected to different smart switches, in a VLAN environment..

    Its also observed that NXC2500 get disconnected from network at that time

  • Zyxel_JoslynZyxel_Joslyn Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 213  mod

    Hi @Gururaj

    Thanks for your information. Wait for your update. :)

    By the way, if the firmware upgrading was failed via the Web GUI, would you try to update it via the ftp? Use FTP to connect to the NXC2500, and key in the credential. Change the type as "bin", then "put" the firmware path.

    Hope it helps.


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