USG1100 - How to receive an alert when WAN disconnects or reconnects?

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edited January 12, 2020 4:19AM in ZyWALL USG Series

I would like to receive an email alert when one of the WAN ports changes from ACTIVE to DEAD or from DEAD to ACTIVE from a connectivity check.

I went into log category setting for email server and changed Connectivity Check (inside Network) from Normal to Alert. This works fine for when the connectivity check fails and the port is set to DEAD. I receive an email. However, I do not get an email when the connectivity check starts working again and the port is set to ACTIVE. I do get a log entry.

It would be helpful to receive an email when the connection comes back up.

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  • Zyxel_JerryZyxel_Jerry Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 91  mod

    Hi @imaohw

    Now, we can only receive the email when the connective check fail, but there is no email when the session comes back.

    Thanks for your feedback and we will put this enhancement into idea section for future evaluation.

  • imaohwimaohw Member Posts: 64  Ally Member

    @Zyxel_Jerry - thanks for the follow up.

    The way it works now; I know there was a failure which is very helpful. Concerned, I then log in to check on the status only to mostly find that the issue has resolved itself and I didn't need to worry.

    An alert on restoration of the connection would reduce unnecessary panic.

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