USG60W - display blocking internal a vLAN

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Hi ZyXEL Community,

wish all a happy new eve and found another feature in the WK46. The WK46 him self is working fine, but i've no idea why internal a vLAN is shown a blocking inside the vLAN ? 😮

i've enable the deafualt blocking rule at the end (default rule) and get tons of messages as shown in the LOG (communication inside a vLAN - without L2-Isolation).

The devices are also in the whitelist existing to avoid any issue.

Any idea what happened ?

Thanks forward and best regards


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  • PeterUKPeterUK Member Posts: 466  Guru Member

    Do you know what the traffic is?

    Could it be that some traffic is by VLAN and other is not?

    Maybe you have proxy arp or need to have a firewall rule VLAN to VLAN.

    Can you check source/destination interface

  • ChristianGChristianG Member Posts: 173  Master Member

    Hi @PeterUK

    thanks for your quick response. the traffic is between wiereless sourround devices speakers/subwoofer in the same vLAN (51200 is for sync the wireless sourround components). 🙄

    I remember you had the same WK46 on your device ? 😏

    Thanks forward


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