GS1900 series - understanding QoS, Remark options and Trust Mode


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    One more question: I have now added a laptop to the netwerk running PRTG to monitor the netwerk for a week to see if I ever have congestion. So far all is green, but when checking all switches I found that the number of Oversized Packets is greater than zero for all ports that have a VLAN attached.

    Uplink port of the -8HP where all AP and one camera are connected to:

    Port 2 where one of the AP's is connected to:

    Could this have an impact on the voice quality? Is the switch dropping packets because of this, or just signaling that the packet was greater than the expected 1500 based on the MTU?

  • I've tried it on my GS1900 and the packets with size over 1500 bytes only be recorded into etherStatsOverSizePkts, they are still forwarded to my laptop without drop.

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    Hi @WvandeHoef

    The counter etherStatsOverSizePkts only be used to record the packets which over 1518 bytes, those packets will not be dropped. Also, GS1900 supports jumbo frame up to 9K bytes. Therefore, etherStatsOverSizePkts increased will not impact voice quality.

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