How to import configuration via SFTP?



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    Hello Veit,

    sFTP is a legacy feature and we've removed it a long time ago.  We are sorry about the issue that you are running into as it's caused by the function not completed removed from the device as it should be. This is indeed something we will fix it in the next release and clean up the sFTP related capability.

    Best Regards
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    Hi @Zyxel_Albert,

    thank you for your reply. Are you sure that actually SFTP is the deprecated file transfer protocol and is being removed in future releases and not FTP or TFTP?

    SFTP is currently the only modern file transfer protocol supported by the switch, also the only one with strong authentication and encryption. Furthermore it is the only one that is not a mess to firewall or NAT and guarantees that no corruption or modification has occured during transfer.

    Best regards,
    // Veit

  • Zyxel_AlbertZyxel_Albert Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 25  mod
    Hi @Veit,

    Agree that sFTP is a file transfer protocol with strong authentication and encryption and it is much more secure than FTP protocol. The partial sFTP function you saw today is just an old design and not quite stable. Since it has been rarely used by customer as of now so we decided to remove it.

    To support a stable sFTP function would require some effort to do so. We will put it in our feature request queue for tracking. As the security concern and popularity of this feature increases, we will raise the priority for this new feature. 

    If you have further suggestion, welcome to let us know!
    Thanks and Best Regards.
  • Any news in this issue? I have the same problem, i backup (even the basic) configuration and then try to restore it. The switch (GS1948) says there is a syntax error.

    Such a simple operation should not have errors...

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    edited November 26, 2019 2:28PM

    Hello @Ermis

    Unfortunately the SFTP feature is still under internal evaluation, for now please use ordinary FTP/TFTP for configuration backup/restore.

    By the way, may I know which exact model you are using? GS1900-48 or GS1920-48?


  • Hello @Zyxel_Lucious

    Thanks for the quick response, i have the GS1920-48. I was using the web interface (management, backup-resotre conf) to restore but it gives the syntax error.

    The FTP seems to work, thanks. It will be nice to fix the Web UI though, or change the error to inform that this functionality doesn't work. This will help so that people don't waste their time: 1. trying to proof check their own conf and debug 2. search online to find this topic.

  • Zyxel_LuciousZyxel_Lucious Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 221  mod


    Thank you for reporting the issue.

    Your opinion is appreciated will definitely be forwarded to the internal for further discussion/evaluation.


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