Vpn to Azure

FrankIversenFrankIversen Member Posts: 84  Ally Member
Enable easy setup of site 2 site with Azure


  • LOLLOL Member Posts: 14  Freshman Member
    I already establish Site-to-Site VPN between NSG and Miceosoft Azure now. (is this want you want??
    Just go to create Non-Nebula VPN peers under Site-to-Site VPN page, and set IPSec policy, selsct Azure in the Preset drop down list. There is easy to configure, eveything is done by Nebula. Cool :sunglasses:

  • Nebula_IreneNebula_Irene Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 140  mod
    Hi @FrankIversen
    Site-to-Site VPN between NSG and Miceosoft Azure is available on NCC now, and you can follow the steps as @LOL mentioned to do so. :+1:

    Thanks @LOL !
  • Nebula_BayardoNebula_Bayardo Moderator, Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 221  mod

    Hi @FrankIversen

    Azure policy-route based and Azure static-route based -NEW- VPNs are now supported on Nebula new version.

    Feel free to try it out 🙂

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