[NEBULA] 2 Nebula AP 102s for a network?

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I got the advice to have 2-3 NAP102s to be installed in my home, each on each floor, to get stable wifi. But how to do this if the router with ethernetcable is downstairs? I installed a NAP102 downstairs indeed, no problem, but how to continue? I cant connect the 2nd to the 1st wirelessly?
Hope that you have an answer!


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    Hi @eva
    Welcome to Nebula Community Biz Forum. If your home circuit on the different floors belongs to the same loop, you can use Powerline and Adapters (PLA) to realize the wireless deployment on the upper floor. If not, you may consider using the repeater instead. 

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    If not, you may consider using the repeater instead. 
    @Nebula_James does Nebula AP also work as repeater or wireless extender? 
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    Hi @RUnglaube,

    I meant using the repeater for the signal extension to Nebula APs on the 2-floor wireless deployment. For the 3-floor placement of each Nebula AP, the current solution is using Power Line Adapter(PLA). Another solution is that Nebula AP will support SmartMesh in P4 that can fulfill wireless deployment as well.
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    Dear James, thanks for you reply, what do you mean with above sentence 'Nebula Ap will support Smart Mesh in P4'? because that does sound interesting..
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    Hi @eva
    Smart Mesh means that individual Nebula AP can connect each other wirelessly instead of cabling Ethernet across the facility and running cables to each Nebula AP. In your case, only NAP102 on the 1th floor is required with Ethernet cable and the other NAPs on the 2th and 3th floors can automatically connect each other wirelessly. The feature of smart mesh will be applied to NAP on Phase 4(the second half of the year). 
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    Hi @James thank you for the information, this is good to know!

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    Hi all,

    Smart mesh now seems to be available in NCC. How to configure a Nap102 now to use a wireless connection? I've disconnected one running to relocate it, yet to no avail
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    Make sure you have at least 1 additional NAP to be the root, and they both are running on latest firmware, enable smart mesh in general settings so that the root AP is able to service the other NAP for mesh connection. Power on the other AP after you've relocated it make sure no ethernet cables are attached.
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    How exactly is the current logic behind the "smart" mesh? We e.g. enabled the feature on one site where all APs are connected via LAN and one of the APs then randomly decided to move the uplink to a wireless connection to another AP instead of the well working (faster) LAN interface. Is that by intention? Will there be a way to better controll the uplink behavior on AP level?
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    +1 for flottmedia's question.
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