Any change of getting a fanless POE+ switch on the Nebula platform ?

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I have been searching a while for a fanless POE+ switch. In the end I found 1 vendor having a switch which completely was to my specs rack mountable, 8-port or more, POE+ support, power budget supporting POE+ for 4 devices, internal power supply, smart managed)

Reading around, you find quite some questions to find such FANLLESS smaller switches . Any chance that Zyxel in the end would consider introducing such a switch ? I would like to go to the Nebula platform completely with my switches (POE and non-POE0 and replacing my current home router with a decent also fanless NSG security router.

For home or office environments fanless devices are quite useful and wanted. 


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    Thanks for being so proactive on Nebula Community lately. It's a fairly good idea of product development and we will take that into thorough consideration in our future plan. As usual, I would like to invite you to post it in our Idea Section or let us do so. We will evaluate the feasibility and then get back to you.   
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    Hi James,

    To give some context. It took me a few weeks to find a switch which fulfilled this requirement. I have sent 3 switches back as the official noise readings where within specs in a specialsetup. However, for office use or home use (no server room or special cabinet) they where all too noisy and high pitched. Possibly due to costs using single high flow fans.

    I have in the end found a switch from a vendor from which I own a consumer router. It performs flawless and it can handle dynamically up to 8 devices. I needed this specifically as the NAP203 specs stipulate 802.11at, though the max power is rated at 12.8W. As this switch handles the power dynamically it could easily handle more then 4 NAP203 and cover for the spikes (inrush current etc ...) as the ports are nowhere hard limited like I have seen on other switches (e.g. HP 8 port where 2 ports can only be set to POE+)

    In general fanless devices with good performance and feature sets are requested regular if of course possible within physical limits.

    Could you post it in the appropriate section (Nebula and or Switch/Security Gateway)



    p.s: I'm just dumping my ideas and my optimal requirements as a home user :)
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    Maybe add something to this as idea. On bigger switches (24-port) introduce a stepped cooling mechanism where cooling requirements are dynamically changed depending on the actual power consumption.
    For example up till 120W in use power no fan, above this low/high speed depending at different tresholds.
    Or more static where there is a hard limit that can be used to limit power consumption and therefor the cooling requirement.

    This I believe makes the switches more versatile (pro use vs home/office use)

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    Hi @Wicky

    Given your valuable feedback and always useful ideas, I'll give you a sneak peek  ;) . We have the plan to release a fanless 8 Ethernet ports PoE switch for Nebula on the 2nd half of next year. 

    BTW, Zyxel already has the switches GS1900 series (non-Nebula) that are fanless, with two models GS1900-8HP and GS1900-10HP supporting PoE. Feel free to take a look to the specs and details here!

    Again, thanks for your contribution to this community and helping Nebula to become even better :).


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    As a home user I recently bought the NSW100-10P and the fan makes too much noise for a home environment. I had to replace it with my old HP Switch again and make use of POE injectors to resolve this. As I only need two POE ports, a regulator mechanism for the fan would be nice.
    As the fan blows at full speed at first and after a while goed into a lower speed I think it would be possible to control the fan from the software. Maybe it is possible (as the room I plan to use this Switch in is quite cold) to disable the fan from the software or set an temperature treshold for the fan to start working.
    Hope the above is possible, because otherwise I have to return the Switch. That's unfortunate as I see lots of promise in a totally cloud controlled network environment for my house.

  • Nebula_CSONebula_CSO Zyxel Offical Agent Posts: 146  mod
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    Hi @TommyCooper

    Our apology for your unpleasant experience about the noisy NSW100-10P at home. Apart from the new upcoming fanless Nebula Switch for the home user as mentioned by @Bayardo, we will also introduce Smart fan feature that the fan speed goes up or down based on the CPU temperature and it is controlled by software automatically. Once the feature is available(2nd half of next year), the user of NSW series simply needs to upgrade the firmware to support the function.
  • Tommy Cooper and/or Bayardo,
    Wondering when the Nebula 8 port fanless poe model is avaiable? I dont see it listed yet.
    Best, Volker
  • Nebula_BayardoNebula_Bayardo Zyxel Support Campus Agent Posts: 225  Master Member
    Hi @Volker

    The 8 ports fanless PoE switch model will be available to purchase through Amazon at the beginning of October. Almost there :) !

  • That's brilliant, I have been waiting for this. I will be buying one to compliment my 3 x NWA1123-AC PRO.

    I currently run a basic Zyxel Poe switch, but can't wait to have my whole home setup cloud managed. Good work :)
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