Emulating QoS configuration in a ZyWall USG2000?

hansjalbertssonhansjalbertsson Member Posts: 34  Freshman Member
In most modern home routers, one can configure QoS settings to prioritize e g online gaming traffic, but I see no obvious way to do that in the USG2000. 
Can such traffic prioritization be done in the usg2000? FW is 3.30.


  • Zyxel_CharlieZyxel_Charlie Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 982  mod
    Hello hansjalbertsson,
    As your request,
    there are numerous online gaming which use different ports and services.
    You need to confirm with online game company or on internet which port is related with the online game you mentioned.
    After that you need to do some configurations on USG which can make game service on first priority.
     Add the service(port) on USG.
    For example, if the port 2000 to 2010 is used by  your online game,
    Please Go to> Service> Select Add> Create the profile for port 2000 to 2010.

    Secondly, Go to BWM>Enable BWM and press apply>Select "Add" to create BWM profile>Choose Service object, and in the service object field, select profile you create on service section. Inbound and outbound enter 0 and priority type 1.


  • hansjalbertssonhansjalbertsson Member Posts: 34  Freshman Member
    Problem is, various games are being played, using basically ALL ports from 1025 and up...
    Prioritization will need to use some packet marking scheme to work.
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