Surprise me! Time to make your idea become new feature for Switches!

Zyxel_JasonZyxel_Jason Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 102  mod
Hi Zyxel users,

Did you ever think that "If the Zyxel switch has XXX feature, it will be more convenient for me."?
Guess what? We can make it come true now!

Just start a new post here for your fantastic ideas on new features or services you want in the switch.
Once you get lots of Likes on your ideas, we will take your idea to our product developers having them evaluate and give you the feedback!

What else are you waiting for?
Start posting and give Likes! :+1:


  • KVVKVV Member Posts: 1
    Nebula CC - Switch - Client:

    1. On the left - indicators are red. But all of them must be green, it's online clients.
    2. Description column is filled by admin, but on the summary report it looks like name of switch.

    I must look for port number and go to switch - client to get name of user. Its uncomfortible.

    3. IP address dont shows, support ticket is created. Switch GS1920-48v2
    (V4.50(ABMJ.3) | 11/02/2018)

    4. It would be nice if Nebula Control Centre can be switched to some lite "switch version" without other tabs, when I havent another devices in the Site.
    5. Port status dont showed, but 15 clients are online. Network preferences dissapeared but yesterday they be there. 

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