How to Configure Single Sign-on with ZyWALL/USG and SSO agent?

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(Download SSO agent :


Configuration example

Configuring AAA server 

▪Configuring AAA server on ZyWALL/USG
▪CONFIGURATION > Object > AAA server > Active Directory > Click “Edit”
▪Edit AAA server parameters

Configuring Auth. method

▪Configuring Auth. method on ZyWALL/USG
▪CONFIGURATION > Object > Auth. Method > Configuration > Click “Edit”
▪Click “Add” > Select “group ad”
▪Click “OK”

Configuring SSO agent 

▪Upon installation, configuring SSO Agent first (on DC)
▪Pointing SSO agent to AD/LDAP server
▪Fill in AD/LDAP server parameters
▪Pointing SSO agent to Gateway
▪Configuring Gateway
▪Save configuration

Configuring ZyWALL/USG

▪CONFIGURATION > Web authentication > SSO
▪CONFIGURATION > Web authentication > Web Authentication Policy Summary > add
▪Add and enable “Auth. Policy”
▪CONFIGURATION > Web authentication



Login and monitoring

▪Client login AD
▪Login list  - SSO Agent 

Login list  - ZyWALL/USG

▪Logs on ZyWALL/USG 

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