The strategy to level up your network skill!

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Hi everyone,

We have published an Handbook to help users learning fast on the Zyxel switch.
Now, you may download it from the attachment link.

Support Model:

  • GS1920 series
  • GS2210 series
  • GS3700 series
  • XGS2210 series
  • XGS3700 series
  • XGS4600 series 

There are some example and procedure for:

  • Basic settings (Management IP address, Hostname…etc)
  • Security settings (IP Source Guard, Port Security and AAA)
  • VLAN
  • IGMP
  • Stacking(XGS series only)
  • …etc

If you have any other suggestions or want us adding other application examples, please feel free to share with us below in this topic.

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