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Take a photo that you're using NCC or Nebula devices and write down how you enjoy Nebula to post in the # SnapYourNebula section or reply to this post directly, you will win 10 Nebula points right away! What's more, you will have a chance to win more prizes such as a home cloud camera, even a NAP102, plus 30 Nebula points! What are you waiting for? Join the contest NOW!

Here is the sample for the #SnapYourNebula contest: (green text is the must-to-have)

I am an IT technical support officer from UK. My Nebula organization name is Zyxel. I like the Nebula, because I can finally take a long vacation even I’m out of office. Just use my phone to monitor office’s networking status.

*The contest is open to Nebula Forum members only. The Organizer reserves the right to amend these rules, terms, and conditions at any time.
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  • ITProITPro Member Posts: 8
    I am a Nebula enduser from JP. My Nebula organization name is smart home. I like the Nebula, because it is easy to setup Zero touch VPN on NCC.
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  • EarthEarth Member Posts: 3
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    I am an Engineer from Taiwan. My Nebula organization is Startseite. I like the Nebula, because it's plug and play and can be managed anywhere anytime. I don't need to remember any my devices IP to setup anymore. It also provide lots of information about how my network is used. Looking forward more and more people to use it and like it. :) 

  • dannedrakedannedrake Member Posts: 1
    "I am a/an alarm technician from Sweden. My Nebula organization is duktig. I like the Nebula, because it's easy to get an overview and get control."

  • newtypenewtype Member, R Posts: 15
    I am an engineer from US. My Nebula organization name is banana leaf. I like the Nebula, because it's easy to install, stable, and its cloud & multi-tenancy design really helps VARs like us to build service business on top of it.
    We just finished a 5 NAP303 + NSG100 installation. the customer decided to get rid of his ubiquiti stuff due to its unstableness ! 
  • RUnglaubeRUnglaube Member Posts: 43 ✭✭
    I'm a networking support engineer from Germany. My Nebula organization name is FinanziellUOC. I like the Nebula because it keeps saving my time for support, making it pretty easy as well!
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  • BackZeroBackZero Member Posts: 16

    I am a network analyst form Melbourne. My Nebula Organization is Carlton. I like the cloud-based management with the affordable budget for mid-sized enterprise against pricy Cisco Meraki cloud solution.

  • nataliewatsnataliewats Member Posts: 1
    I am an engineer from England. My Nebula organisation is Cacto. I like Nebula because it's simple to manage all the APs from it's interface, the control centre. Replacing Juniper with Nebula and testing wireless now. Works well so far.
    I reattached the photo cos found our customer's name on that :P

  • luvsuedeluvsuede Member Posts: 1

    Hello I'm a Technical Support Engineer from Hong Kong. My organization in nebula is Mody.

    Our nebula products save me lots of time and effort in installation and management. This is why I really in love with nebula.

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