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    Hi Kasper,

    You are also still struggling for kpn?

    Yesterday I tried again with the help of vdsl support page of XS4ALL.
    I got internet working on default "lan" untagged over bonding VDSL.

    I didn't get IPTV working yet. I created a 2nd connection in bridged mode on VLAN4, tagged to all LAN ports and kept DHCP off. Didn't work for me.

    The topbox got an IP, booted u but wasn't able to retrieve the configuration from ISP.
    Seems that there must be added some DHCP options, but this is not possible?

    Attached the config for XS4ALL iptv.
    Can someone from Zyxel advice on this?

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    Hi all,

    Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but I believe I am experiencing a similar behavior here.

    Basically, I purchased the SBG-3500N with the intent to replace the STB from my ISP, and ultimately add another VDSL connection to augment my total Internet bandwidth.

    I live in a region in France where fiber has not been rolled out yet across all places, so in the meantime I have to rely on VDSL to access Internet. I have to mention that I am only looking for Internet access, and don't need the other 3Play services such as TV/VoD and VoIP.

    Besides, French ISP's do not support VDSL bonding (17a) - I read somewhere this was envisioned at some point, but was later abandoned.

    And last, my SBG only acts as a modem, since I have a complete Unifi-based infrastructure to route, firewall, and provide WiFi connections in my place. One important precision: my router has 2 WAN ports.

    Right now, I have a single PTM connection that I configured in bridge mode, and I specified the VLAN 836 (as required by my ISP) directly on the "Broadband" port configuration. My router is then directly plugged to the first LAN port of the SBG, and gets the public IP over DHCP: this works like a charm.

    Now, I would like to add another VDSL connection from a different ISP. For that, I would like to use the second VDSL port on the SBG, and link the 2nd WAN port from my router to that second ISP connection. Ultimately, my goal would be to have the port WAN1 to be set to the public IP of my current ISP, and port WAN2 to get the public IP address from my 2nd ISP. My router can tag the VLAN for each WAN port.

    So I tried many things on the SBG side and on my router to directly connect traffic from my 1st ISP to port WAN1 without specifying the VLAN on the SBG broadband configuration. But I can't get it working. It seems that tagged VLAN coming from my ISP through the PTM connection is not bridged to the port WAN1 on my router.

    When I sniff the traffic on my router, I can see the DHCPREQUEST packets issued by port WAN1 connected to the SBG, but nothing on the SBG side. Likewise, I sniffed the traffic on the SBG, and I can see traffic within tagged VLAN 836 coming from PTM port, and made available on the LAN bridge. But no connection between the two...

    I tried creating an interface group with VLAN 836 tagged on LAN1, still no change.
    I read many forums in an attempt to troubleshoot my current situation, and I am wondering if I am not going to buy 2 modems from another brand...

    Any clue?
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    Hi @Fred,
    Can you post your network topology for further checking.

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    Hi Fred!

    Thank you for keeping these topics alive!
    I'm struggling a long time now with the SBG-3500N and it's not the cheapest modem on the market!
    Zyxel is a bit sloooow and I get the feeling they are ignoring some issues.

    Zyxel_Cooldia for replying on my post too (not) :s

    @Fred, I don't bridge I need routing. You might take a look at the FritzBox if this becoomes a dead end.
    Yes, well.. In the first place I tried to pass the internet connection too a Local Vlan.
    - Set the PPPOE and VDSL properties
    - Set the Vlan on ISP and the corresponding priority
    - Created a group with the same Vlan nr and the same priority as broadband connection too LAN2,3,4,5 and set this trunked on LAN1.
    - Created a DHCP for the Vlan group.
    - Tried the connection on LAN1

    Even though I got an IP address and the 'internet' led was light up I did not get a working internet connection.

    I tried it again by removing the (local) Vlans and I got an working internet connection on the default LAN.
    Zyxel_Cooldia My conclusion would be it seems that the Zyxel modems can't handle/route Vlans???


    P.S. I've added my configurations as attachment.

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    Hi @Zyxel_Cooldia,
    This is my current config, which works:

    And this is what I would like, however it does not work:

    Thanks for your help!

    PS: Images are also attached with a higher resolution.
  • Zyxel_CooldiaZyxel_Cooldia Zyxel Official Agent Posts: 258  mod

    Hi @Fred,

    Can you send me configuration file via private message.

  • FredFred Member Posts: 4
    Hi @Zyxel_Cooldia,
    Thanks for your proposal, but I finally replaced the Zyxel with another modem for which the VLAN configuration works as expected. That's a pity, since the Zyxel had everything needed on paper, but it was too complex for me to configure after so many hours.
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    Hi @Fred ,

    I was wondering which modem you used to replace the Zyxel.
    I'm also stuck on Vlans because of lack of support.

    Best regards,
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    Hi @Boerk,
    I bought a Draytek Vigor 130, which is a simple xDSL modem where I was able to bridge all VLAN's from my ISP into my router. You can also check the Draytek 2860, which provides a few RJ45 ports where you can notably get the IPTV streams without the STB.
    Good luck!
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