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Wieviele APs kann man mit dem UAG5100 managen? Bei 16 APs aktuell, muss ich immer einen anderen rausnehmen. Stimmt das?

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  • Zyxel_StanleyZyxel_Stanley Moderator, Zyxel Offical Agent Posts: 812  mod

    Hi @Eddwood
    Yes, UAG5100 can manage 16 AP in default.

    If you would like to manage more APs, you may consider ATP200 or USG FLEX200.

    In the default, both of models can manage 8 APs. And it can extend up to 40 AP node by license. 


    To let more people join and get the information from forum discussions, please kindly put your posts in English. :)

  • EddwoodEddwood Member Posts: 33  Freshman Member
    Thanks Stanley for answer. Sorry about the german, I thougt I wrote it in the german section.
    So well, I can´t afford a new hardware. So I use a nwa3160n for the next group AP groups to manage. At least, I don´t have to look for 42 APs, it will be 3 then.:))
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