NEBULA Control Center WDS setup

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Hi All
I have 3 NWA1123ACv2 access points set up offline (local configs). Recently purchassed NSW100-10P switch and tried to replicate my setup in NCC but cannot set up the WDS link. Please have a look at the topology, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Is this even possible to set up in NCC or Ill be better off staying with offline (local) configs? Thanks

SSID10 is broadcasted on AP1 and AP2
SSID20 is broadcasted only on AP3
SSID30 is broadcasted only on AP1


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    Hi @TomAsh

    Here is the configuration guide for the topology.
    1. AP1.
       a. Create two SSIDs.

    b. Add the two SSIDs into the radio 1 profile.

    c. Add the VLAN10 SSID into radio 2 profile.

    2. AP2.
       a. Create two SSIDs. One is visible for VLAN10, and another one is hidden for VLAN20.

       b. Adjust the radio 1(2.4G) as Root AP, and disable the SSID profile.

       c. Add the two SSIDs in the radio 2(5G) profile.

    3. AP3. 
       a. Create an SSID for VLAN20.

       b. Adjust the radio 1(2.4G) as Repeater AP, and disable the SSID profile.

       c. Add the SSID in the radio 2(5G) profile.

    Hope it helps.

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